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Real Reasons

Why should you #GetAMock?

(and why DSA isn't enough😳)


Getting your ideas across is just as important as knowing the solution! This is not everyone's strength but it is something that can be developed by practicing with mocks 😊


You've finally landed an interview and you know this is important. But then and there, nervousness strikes! You hit a mental block, and you're fumbling for words. We've all been there and we all dread it 😰 

Understanding the problem, asking doubts, coming up with multiple approaches and coding; all in like 20 minutes is no small task! But a couple of mocks will surely speed you up ⚡

Asking the right questions, confidence, posture, outfit, and other personality traits can make the difference between getting a job offer and getting rejected 🤵



Taking too much time

The small things

You can't afford a mistake in an interview

but you can in mocks!

#GetAMock and we promise we'll make it worth your while ❤️

DSA, Core, and all the good stuff 🎉 

High-quality DSA problems, project discussion, and CS Fundamentals based on recent company trends.

Gauge your prep 🔥

Know exactly where you stand in terms of technical interviews and what you need to work on more.

Feedback and tips and tricks ✨

Get honest feedback, valuable tips and sneaky tricks to help you get the upper hand!

Super Pocket Friendly 💸

And it comes with an introductory offer too! Steal this deal while it lasts!

Free Resume analysis 😍

Having a good resume is extremely important. Have your resume examined for free with every mock!

Build your own mock ❤️

A truly unique and incredibly useful feature if you want to get comfortable with interviews while practicing topics of your choice. Scroll to find out more!

Choose from 3 mock types

Get a company-oriented mock! 
We'll curate the mock according to the company's recent interview trends! 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Build your own mock! 
Not done with your prep? Or want to practice some specific topics? We have you covered!

Choose Your Topics!

Choose up to 5 from a wide range of topics covering all commonly asked Data Structures and Algorithms, and CS Fundamentals as well! We will build a customized mock best suited to your choices.

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Start Early, Gain Confidence!

Say you're done with Array, Stack, Queue and Tree. What better way to practice them than with mocks? Starting with mocks early in your prep not only gets you used to the interview scenario but also helps guage your prep.

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The best of all worlds, without all the hassle! We will build a well-balanced mock so that you're ready to face any interview with confidence.


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Meet the Panelists


Ayush Kumar Singh

  • LinkedIn

This guy lives, eats, and breathes data structures and algorithms. He's currently an Internal Contest Tester and Solution Author @ LeetCode. He interned at Sprinklr and has offers from Sprinklr and Google. Check out his portfolio website for more info!  


Saumya Singh

  • LinkedIn

Her interviewing skills are incredible, only to be perhaps matched by her programming skills! She was a member of Microsoft Codess and is currently a Google DSC Web Lead. She interned at Salesforce and has an offer from Salesforce and Google. She also had an intern offer from Amazon.


Ankur Tiwari

  • LinkedIn

One of Ankur's hobbies is to ace competitive programming contests. 6* on Codechef, Master on Codeforces, nuff' said. He interned at Google and has offers from Sprinklr and Google. He also had an intern offer from Goldman Sachs.  


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